A Million Times at Changi

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Artwork details:
Material: White stone composite, steel, electronic components
Dimensions: 7585 x 3185 x 100 mm
Engineering: David Cox

Commissioned by Changi Airport Group in Singapore. A million Times at Changi is comprised of 504 interconnected clocks driven by computer-controlled motors that are programmed to follow different choreographic patterns. The clock hands move simultaneously and show the time as well as greetings in different languages. This artwork is part of the A million Times project (2013-ongoing).

"We saw the beauty in the contrast and interdependency of chaos and order, an aspect that is now seen as central in A Million Times" – Bastian Bischoff & Per Emanuelsson, founders of studio Humans since 1982.

With its 7.5 m width and 1008 stepper motors, A Million Times at Changi is one of the biggest kinetic artworks in the world.

Official Launch: January 1 2018, Terminal 2 Departure Check - In Hall.