A million Times Project, 2013

A million Times 60 / grey

The ‘A million Times’ is a graphically conceptual, mechanical and engineered based design project. With this kinetic installations, Humans since 1982 present clocks as objects unleashed from a solely pragmatic existence. Especially the interplay and movement-timing of the clocks prove to be fascinating to the observer. Each piece is unique. Engineering: David Cox.

Click here to see a video of our "A million Times" prototype.

Material AMT 60: Brushed aluminum & electrical components
Material AMT 96: Anodized aluminum & electrical components
Dimension AMT 60 /grey: 785 x 1700 x 45mm
Dimension AMT 96 / black: 1700 x 1175 x 45mm
Price on request: knock@victor-hunt.com

A million Times 96 / black

A million Times 60 /grey


A million Times 24 / grey

A million times 60 / grey

A million Times 84 / grey


A million Times 24 / black

A million Times 72 / black

A million times 96 / black