Software Developer

Location: Stockholm, Strindbergsgatan 56



A full or part job opportunity is open at Humans since 1982. We are looking for someone who will be involved in assisting and supporting the development and deployment of the technologies and support the studio`s work in a lively environment.

Candidates should be knowable about or have a strong interest in:

  • Art and Design
  • Creative projects
  • Researching new technologies
  • Software programing skills
  • Worked with electronics projects
  • Good competence with computers. Linux, Windows, Mac

Experience with the following tools, while not essential, would be useful:

  • Programming / scripting, (Python, C, Javascript, etc)
  • PCB design - KiCAD or EAGLE
  • Electrical engineering work. Wiring, soldering, arduino
  • Solidworks (or other solid modelling/ mechanical design package)
  • Embedded systems
  • Networking



The successful applicant should be able to quickly learn on the job and have excellent research skills. You will be working closely with the artists, designer and existing engineering team on international and client facing projects. The successful applicants must demonstrate a hands-on attitude, meticulous attention to detail and good diagnostic / problem solving skills. An enthusiastic and dedicated approach to developing the studios technological knowledgment base and infrastructure is essential.

Pro actively working alone and as a part of a team are key skills. We are an international studio which requires good knowledge of English.

To apply, please send a CV, cover letter and work samples to: