The Clock Clock White, 2010

Click on image to play clock video

Re-contextualizes time in a mix of old and new, analogue and digital. The clock is made of 24 two-handed analogue clocks. Six clocks make up a number, each of them displaying either one of its corners or one of its sides. All 24 clocks create one giant display similar to that of a digital watch.
This work is notable for its digital/analogue format and the choreography that takes place between
the minutes.

Humans since 1982 cooperated with Australian engineer David Cox to accomplish the complex technology.

Material: Screen printed dials in powder coated aluminium housing, electrical & mechanical components
Dimension:120x45x6 cm
Edition: 8 + 3 AP
Price on request:, +46 739 839 085


Each minute all 24 clocks rotate to display current time.