Collection of Motion: Rockets (Hyper Hope), 2018-ongoing


Part of the "Collection of Motion" series, this is the second release containing 18 screens showing loops and sound of real rocket launches. All mobile phones are arranged on a church-like candle table.

Started in 2017, Collection of Motion is an art project by Humans since 1982 that attempts to capture and collect motion and present it in the same way as people used to present valuable objects. Extracted from their context, the essence of each motion is displayed in their purest form via mobile phone screens. The project started with a genuine curiosity about an imaginable world where motion could be possessed, compared, exhibited and maybe even loved


By collecting time-based phenomenon, this project is a continuation of our work with “uncollectible objects”. “Collecting things that cannot be collected” is a paradox we consider within our work. Major past projects, namely Collection of Light, Light Culture and A million Times, play theoretically or quite literally with this paradox. The human desire to hunt, collect, compare and exhibit objects plays a fundamental role in the production of art and culture. We take this drive into the realm of impossibility.