Collection of Motion: Waterfalls (Tiered), 2019


Collection of Motion: Waterfalls (Tiered) comprises twenty unique, digitally simulated loops of waterfalls based on real-world falls. Every detail of waterfalls; their speed, volume, light and reflections have been generated to create motion that bears an uncanny near-realism to natural, ephemeral waterfalls. These visual simulations are distinct in that they do not flow continuously but repeatedly start and end, capturing the idealised form of a waterfall, a dreamlike spectacle that is rarely witnessed. By creating and presenting a multiplicity of waterfalls alongside one another, and establishing relationships among them, Collection of Motion: Waterfalls explores what it is that makes a waterfall a waterfall and the attempt of the mind to grasp at the very nature of a thing.

Collection of Motion (2018 - ongoing) is a series of works by Humans since 1982 that captures and collects motion by presenting moving image across multiple screens. Each collection presents a series of looped videos extracted from their context. Rendered timeless and placeless they are distilled into motion in its purest sense, presented as if it were an obtainable object that could be possessed and cherished. Presented with the meticulousness of connoisseur, Collection of Motion explores the human desire to sentimentalise, acquire and rationalise as a way of retaining control and order. In gathering and assembling these ephemeral images Humans since 1982 continue to explore their ongoing interest in the paradox of collecting the uncollectable.


Humans since 1982
Collection of Motion: Waterfalls (Tiered), 2019
Digital simulations, smartphones, black aluminium, electronic components
900 x 1230 x 120 mm