Hair clip on Hair, 2010

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Humans since 1982
Hair clip on Hair, 2010
Metal, hair, photographs
105 x 20 mm

2011: Pudeurs et colères de femmes, Villa Empain, Boghossian Foundation, Brussels, Belgium.
2012: Function Follows Fascination, Victor Hunt Gallery, Brussels, Belgium.
2015: Art Southampton via Dillon+Lee Gallery, Southampton, USA.
2017: Photo London via Dillon+Lee Gallery, London, UK.


Hair Clip on Hair plays with the symbolic character that we impute to a pair of eyes on an otherwise covered female head by relocating this symbol to the backside. This project was inspired by a false interpretation of a normal hair clip on a passenger’s hair in Stockholm, whereby the hair clip reflected the light so that it looked like it was a pair of eyes.  

Photos & cinematography: Tim Meier