Suspended Drone, 2019


Humans since 1982
Suspended Drone, 2019
Mixed media
540 x 410 x 1320 mm

Collection of Drones (2019) is a new series of works that acquires and presents drones as found objects, creating a collection that mimics the care and curiosity with which an entomologist approaches insects.

In Suspended Drone a small domestic drone is semi-dismantled and held in stasis, suspended in gel - a technique borrowed from the insect preservation. Its ordinarily hidden interior revealed, we are able to view and inspect the drone, taking a measure of its whole and component parts.

As With Collection of Drones - Triptych, presenting the drones in this way attempts to address the uncertainty of our future that drones epitomise, as technology enters in to all aspects of our lives. By using entomological processes with an intentional naivety, the drone is held in place to render it neutral and tangible. Presented as a static object, in an almost clinical way, we can start to assess their purpose and potential as agents of constant surveillance and artificial intelligence, or more optimistically as tools to aid disaster management and wildlife monitoring.

The act of collecting, analysing and observing this new technology through a knowingly pseudo-scientific process is an attempt to retain control over it, and make sense of it - to analyse the level of risk and possibility with which we are presented, while preserving and archiving it for an imagined future audience. It asks how this new technology might be perceived in the future, as we transition to the next chapter of our natural and technological history.

Photos: Tim Meier