HS82 for Changi


One of the largest kinetic artworks in the world

A Million Times at Changi, commissioned by Changi Airport Group, was conceived by Humans since 1982 in 2014 and installed in January 2018 in the airport's Terminal 2. It is one of the largest kinetic artworks in the world. In 2021, Terminal 2 underwent renovations, making it necessary to archive the artwork until a new location is found.

With four years of development time, this is the largest and most ambitious work within Humans since 1982's A million Times project (2013-ongoing). A million Times at Changi comprises 504 clock-faces in which the hour and minute hands have been programmed to spin individually and in formation to visually represent the abstract concept of passing time while continuing to report real time. Each choreographed sweep of hands appears to be unlike the last until they join in perfect, synchronised alignment to accurately tell time through digital typography.

HS82 for Changi

Series A million Times - Bespoke
Location Changi Airport Singapore (temporarily archived)
Material White mineral composite, electronic components, bespoke programming, contrasting clock hands, projector, speakers
Dimension 750 x 340 cm
Year 2014-2018