Owning Uniqueness

“Our kinetic timepieces serve as the centrepiece of a space—a statement piece that captivates the attention, emotions, and minds of guests, friends, and family.”

By acquiring an original creation from our studio you become the owner of something so rare and unique that it defies comparison to anything else. There is nothing remotely similar that brings together choreography, code and craftsmanship in such a way. And there is nothing remotely similar that fuses kinetic art and horology with such elegance.

All of our creations come in limited or highly limited editions which makes you one of just a few collectors in the world. Among the few owners are museums, celebrities and some of the most respected art collectors.

All artworks have been conceived, designed, developed and hand-assembled by our specialists within the walls of our Stockholm studio. A testament to our commitment to the highest standards, certain masterpieces demand more than a year of expert work to complete.

Regardless of the plans for the artwork’s later life, be it a relocation, a refit or archiving for future generations, each piece will always retain its original edition number within the exclusive edition, ensuring its enduring uniqueness. However the journey may look, we are happy to support you along the way.

Owning the Story

Owning an artwork also means to own its story. One part of this story we can not tell, as it is very personal to every individual owner, is the moment when one fell in love. The other part of the story is about how “A million Times” came into existence. Read our full story here.

Owning the Artwork

The singularity of the concept behind “A million Times” challenged our small team – the advanced technology that drives all of our kinetic artworks needed to be engineered from the bottom up and tested for years. For more than a decade we have been committed to the continued improvement of this technology and our production processes in order to deliver the highest quality, most reliable editions.

As all technology-based creations, our pieces employ components that age. These components must be replaced from time to time. Owning one of our kinetic pieces is comparable to owning a luxury watch: it needs expert service on occasion to preserve its long-term integrity.

All 'Masterpieces' and 'Collectibles' are built on proprietary technology—in both software and hardware—which a team of in-house designers, engineers, and programmers has continuously developed since its inception.

All artworks come with a numbered and signed certificate. Each 'A Million Times' piece is additionally signed on the rear. Our register contains all objects produced over the last 15 years, ensuring we can always verify the authenticity of an artwork.


HS82 for Moncler

HS82 for Moncler