Mastering Grace, Craft, and Code

The Casing

ClockClock 24 Black –Golden Hands
Manual artistry with refined technologies

In the craftsmanship of our casing, we aspire to seamlessly meld the best of manual artistry with refined technologies. Our designer vision materialised in a minimal, slender frame, like a painting. Years of fine-tuning and attention to detail brought us the cases we offer today, available in two distinct materials:

In the realm of mineral composites, multiple pieces seamlessly converge to create the appearance of one solid piece. After assembly, the bodies are cured for a full day and the surface is delicately sanded to perfection. 

Alternatively, our aluminium bodies emerge from a single slab, milled under the exacting precision of a CNC machine and carefully refined afterward. We work with esteemed local suppliers in Sweden to bring these refined cases to life, establishing the canvas upon which the dance of our clock hands can unfold.

A ClockClock 24 Black in the assembly stage

Motors and Platform

Built on proprietary technology
Designed to stand the test of time

Beneath the surface of our kinetic objects lies a sophisticated, modular network of motors, sensors, and microprocessors, designed to stand the test of time. Each module features autmotive-grade motors, used in the realms of high-performance sports cars and aviation, and of which there are only two suppliers in the world.

In our pursuit of excellence, each element of our electronics is custom and designed in-house, from the circuit boards and cables to the smallest buttons. We select suppliers that cater to the Swedish space industry, and all assembly is performed here, in our Stockholm studio. We are proud to be able to ensure the longevity and robustness of our kinetic artworks in most conditions, the result of a 15-year journey in product development.

Modular network of motors and microprocessors in A million Times

The Code

Code on Canvas
Coding transcends mere technicality

At the heart of every artwork is a system, a code that conducts a symphony of devices. In the moments before a 60-second animation, this code orchestrates up to 30,000 messages, all which unfold smoothly behind the scenes. The result is an emergence of animations that are unparalleled. 

Our engineers have developed internal tools that allow us to simulate infinite possibilities. These tools serve as a palette for exploration, as we are able to render animations into our customer’s unique environments to bring their chosen artwork to life.

To us, coding transcends mere technicality: it is a craft that imbues our objects with the ability to perform choreographies with incomparable precision.

Calculations from CTO and co-owner David Cox

The Clock hands

The concept of time, a nuanced abstraction, finds both expression and playful manipulation in the ever-evolving choreography of the clock hands. These hands have evolved over the years, a testament to meticulous refinement.

In our A million Times editions, all clock hands are automatically aligned to the correct position using our proprietary position calibration system. This capability to self-calibrate means that they gracefully return to the correct position, even after being accidentally moved.

Through a flash plating process, our golden clock hands are adorned with 22-karat gold and the metal finish hands with a layer of nickel. Each hand colour is carefully selected to perfect the body, to give an expression of serenity that resonates through the entire artwork.


Each ‘Masterpiece’ and each ‘Collectible’ is always numbered on the back, indicating its specific number within the limited edition. They also come with a numbered and signed certificate. Each 'Masterpiece' is additionally signed on the rear. Our register contains all artworks produced over the last 15 years, ensuring we can always verify the authenticity of an artwork. All data collected will be treated with strict confidentiality.

All A million Times editions and ClockClock L are signed and numbered on the rear. ClockClock 24 editions are numbered.

The Delivery

All artworks are shipped from our Stockholm workshop

Over the years, we have perfected the design and construction of our crates to ensure safe transport and handling from our studio in Stockholm all the way to the cherished walls of our clients. Our wooden crate that we use for all 'Masterpieces' is a bespoke protector, meticulously fashioned for the rigours of international transport. The crate is padded with foam and includes an additional cable box and carefully selected cleaning supplies, and then placed on a pallet for easy handling. 

The crate not only guarantees the safety of our artworks during transport, but also assumes an active role in self-monitoring. Embedded with a suite of tools – such as a data logger, shock sensors, and tilt watches – it oversees its own condition. This makes the transport loads and environmental conditions for our artworks transparent, traceable, and assignable at all times, bringing care from our studio all the way to your space.

All 'Collectibles' are shipped in a solid packaging box complete with a carrier’s handle.

Masterpieces are shipped in a bespoke, wooden crate

The Installation

We have been honoured to install our kinetic artworks in a variety of settings, from palatial private residences, museums and public institutions to commercial spaces. We actively facilitate connections within our network of trusted art handlers, strategically located in most areas. 

With most private clients, installation typically involves a straightforward process, requiring only a briefing call followed by the selection of an installation team by the client. In instances requiring a more nuanced approach, installations are planned with the client and local architects to envision and create custom solutions to unconventional spaces. This can include the integration of special access features or the creation of hinged walls, as exemplified in our commercial projects. We have even taken on the challenge of crafting a tailored solution for an installation in an airport, spanning over 7 metres in width

Care & Maintain


Care & Maintain
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