Care & Maintenance

As your cherished artwork matures

Importance of Maintenance

As your cherished artwork matures, care and periodic maintenance becomes essential to ensure its longevity. Only original parts from our studio,  worked on by our specialised technicians or authorised service partners, are able to deliver the quality level required to assure your artwork’s performance across decades.

Installation & Care

Though we strongly recommend that you only let our experts or authorised service partners provide service and repairs, there are things that you can do as an owner to prolong the lifetime of your artwork.

Temperature & Humidity

The parameters for the safe operation of our artworks are at an ambient temperature: +15 °C to +30 °C (+59°F to +86°F) with a maximum relative humidity of 80%. They also should not be installed above a fireplace that is in use.


Our Production Manager is happy to offer a consultation with your installation team in order to ensure the artwork is properly handled and installed. When possible, we recommend connecting the artwork via an ethernet cable which allows us to remotely diagnose most issues. This allows us to make corrections if the artwork is in the wrong mode, assist in recalibrating the clock hands, and resolve other small issues remotely from our studio. If needed, this will also help us prepare and brief an authorised service partner to offer assistance on-site.


We provide simple instructions and recommend that you clean the artwork surface every 3 months to prevent dust from entering the mechanical and electrical components.

Component Change

Our artworks are dynamic, moving objects, ceaselessly functioning every hour of every day, causing wear to the built-in mechanical parts. As all technology-based creations, each of our artworks employ electrical components that age. These components must be replaced from time to time. Scheduling a service for your timepiece every 6-8 years ensures its optimal state.

The modular system in our ClockClock 24 artworks allows for easy component swaps and repairs.

Modular system in an A million Times artwork.



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