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A million Times is an ongoing series of masterpieces that continues the conceptual exploration of the iconic ClockClock 24. This unique work provokes thoughts of what it means to be in the moment, the passage of time, and the interdependency between order and chaos. It represents the studio founders’ fascination with the idea of “designing time” and using time as a factor when creating objects. 

Sketch from 2008. It started as a type font.

These kinetic sculptures comprise multiple clock faces that move in carefully designed choreographies – from unpredictable, mechanical spinning to perfect synchronization. Once each minute, the clock hands align to tell the time as a digital clock. 

The first A million Times artwork was exhibited in 2013 at the design fairs in Dubai and Basel. Since then it has been included in internationally significant exhibitions at the Somerset House (UK), Smithsonian Design Museum (US), Issey Miyake's museum "21_21 Design Sight" (JP) and many more.  A gigantic version of A million Times was made for Singapore Changi Airport, a project that took four years to complete and became one of the biggest kinetic artworks in the world.

The work is built on proprietary technology—in both software and hardware—which a team of in-house designers, engineers, and programmers has continuously developed since its inception. The objects are meticulously manufactured at the headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, and shipped to collectors worldwide.  

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