Waterfalls (Tiered)


Collecting the uncollectible

Collection of Motion: Waterfalls (Tiered) comprises twenty unique, digitally simulated loops of waterfalls based on real-world falls. Every detail of waterfalls; their speed, volume, light and reflections have been generated to create motion that bears an uncanny near-realism to natural, ephemeral waterfalls. These visual simulations are distinct in that they do not flow continuously but repeatedly start and end, capturing the idealised form of a waterfall, a dreamlike spectacle that is rarely witnessed. By creating and presenting a multiplicity of waterfalls alongside one another, and establishing relationships among them, Collection of Motion: Waterfalls explores what it is that makes a waterfall a waterfall and the attempt of the mind to grasp at the very nature of a thing.

Collection of Motion (2018 - ongoing) is a series of works by Humans since 1982 that captures and collects motion by presenting moving image across multiple screens. Each collection presents a series of looped videos extracted from their context. Rendered timeless and placeless they are distilled into motion in its purest sense, presented as if it were an obtainable object that could be possessed and cherished. Presented with the meticulousness of connoisseur, Collection of Motion explores the human desire to sentimentalise, acquire and rationalise as a way of retaining control and order. In gathering and assembling these ephemeral images Humans since 1982 continue to explore their ongoing interest in the paradox of collecting the uncollectible.


Collection of Motion: Waterfalls (Tiered)




900 x 1230 x 120 mm


Digital simulations, smartphones, black aluminium, electronic components

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Rocking Church

Rocking Church is a large kinetic sculpture, of which the focal point is a 3 meter high replica of the Gothic church Ulm Minster.

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Waterfalls (Tiered)

Collection of Motion: Waterfalls (Tiered) comprises twenty unique, digitally simulated loops of waterfalls based on real-world falls.


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Collection of Motion: Rockets (Hyper Hope), presents found footage of rocket launches atop an alterlike sculpture, accompanied by the looped audio of cheering crowds.

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Collection of Drones

Collection of Drones is a series of works that acquires and presents drones as found objects, creating a collection that mimics the care and curiosity with which an entomologist approaches insects.

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Light on Ground

Light on Ground is a light sculpture including over 80 LEDs of different types. Released as a complimentary pair of limited edition works it was launched in Basel (Design Miami/Basel 2012) and New York (Phillips de Pury & Company)

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Light Line

Light Line remarkably continues Humans since 1982’s explorations of light and led illuminants in all their diversity.


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Light Culture

Exhibiting each individual bulb as a specimen, an industrial product, Light Culture also explores the aura of groups of led illuminants as a resemblance to petri dish grown cell cultures.

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Waterfalls (Cascade)

Collection of Motion: Waterfalls (Cascade) comprises up to twenty unique, digitally simulated loops of waterfalls based on real-world falls.

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Collection of Light

Collection of Light is a collection of LEDs which together constitute an artwork that retains the functionality of it’s lighting components.

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The Clock Clock Project

The project subverts clocks to represent them as art objects, unleashed from a solely pragmatic existence. The hands of multiple analogue clocks are programmed to spin individually and in formation to perform an abstract choreography. Once every minute, the clock hands align to accurately display the time.
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Surveillance Light Project

Humans since 1982 very first project is a satirical piece that discusses surveillance in society. With an Orwellian ‘1984’ feel to it, the artwork blends the typical appearance of a surveillance camera with that of a light, creating an ambiguous reflection on the artists' thoughts about the political future.

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