ClockClock 24 / Black Sterling

CC24 Black Sterling

90 x 40 x 3,4 cm 35.4 x 15.7 x 1.4 in
Edition of 250

ClockClock 24 – Black Sterling Hands consists of a handcrafted housing of mineral composite, metal-plated clock hands and electronic components. It is built on proprietary technology—in both software and hardware—which a team of in-house designers, engineers, and programmers has continuously developed since its inception. The objects are meticulously manufactured at our studio in Stockholm.

The work was first launched in 2008 as The Clock Clock and exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery in London in 2010. Later, it was reissued as ClockClock 24 in partnership with the MoMA store in New York. Today, it is represented in the permanent collections of the Vitra Design Museum in Germany, the Musée International d'Horlogerie in Switzerland, and the Nationalmuseum in Sweden, among others.

Material Handcrafted housing of mineral composite, metal-plated clock hands and electronic components.
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Numbered on back side and comes with a studio signed certificate of authenticity
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ClockClock 24 / Black Sterling
ClockClock 24 / Black Sterling


90 x 40 x 3,4 cm 35.4 x 15.7 x 1.4 in
Weight 18.0 kg (40 lbs)
Material Handcrafted housing of mineral composite, metal-plated clock hands and electronic components.
Features Accurate time showing, 3 different pre-programmed modes of choreography, 12-or 24-hours formats
Power Can be plugged to any standard power outlet. Input: 120-230 V. ClockClock 24 does not run on battery.
Cable and Adapter Comes with a white, 3-meter power cable. A power adapter suitable for the country of delivery is included in the shipment.
Time setting Time is set via three small buttons on the backside, which are easily reachable.
Motors Stepper motors are sourced from our long-standing supplier, who developed them for the dashboards of high-performance sports cars and planes.
Cultural value Represented in the permanent collections of the Vitra Design Museum in Germany, the Musée International d'Horlogerie in Switzerland, and the Nationalmuseum in Sweden, among others.
Accessories Comes with a studio signed certificate of authenticity, an operator’s manual, hanging bracket, and art handling gloves.
Packing Shipped in a solid packaging box complete with a carrier’s handle.
Made in Sweden


ClockClock 24 is delivered with three meticulously programmed modes of our playful and distinctive clock hand choreographies. The choreographies are inspired by and draw upon natural, artistic and mathematical pattern formations

A program of up to 10 original clock hand choreographies will run for approximately 10 minutes before looping. In between the patterns, the artwork shows the time accurately once every minute.

Choreography Mode 1: Active
Mode 1 consists of ten different choreographies and shows accurate time once each minute. This is the studio’s favoured mode - it is the most varied and intricate.

Choreography Mode 2: Medium
Mode 2 is a selection of five of our most tranquil choreographies, between which ClockClock 24 continues to show accurate time each minute. This mode retains the curiosity of our original concept, with a more serene feel.

Choreography Mode 3: Quiet
In quiet mode ClockClock 24 displays only the time in our digital typography, without any clock-hand choreographies. For moments when only a fine-tuned timepiece is required.

All modes can display either 12 or 24 hour time as preferred.

ClockClock 24 does generate some discernible sound as the motors turn the clock hands, but it is not a loud noise.

Many of our collectors have remarked that the sound emitted is calming and perceptible as a natural noise, similar to waves on the shore or wind through grass.

The artworks are well suited to being placed in living and working spaces. We would not necessarily recommend installation in sleeping quarters for light sleepers.

The artwork can be changed to quiet mode for moments when silence is golden.


ClockClock 24 is delivered with a custom hanging template and hanging plate to enable simple and precise mounting of the artwork on the wall.

Attachment fixtures are provided, we request you ensure that they are suitable for the hanging wall prior to installation. 

Further details of the installation process can be found in the Artwork Manual (on the product page of our website), and will be provided with the artwork. 

ClockClock 24 should be installed by someone with basic technical knowledge who fully understands the installation manual. 

As the artwork weighs 18 kg (40 lbs), two people are required to mount ClockClock 24 on the wall.

Our hanging plate installation solution enables ClockClock 24 to be mounted on almost any surface such as brick, gypsum and wood walls with the correct anchors and screws. 

If you have a specific location in mind you are welcome to reach out and our specialists can gladly advise.

ClockClock 24 artworks are only suitable for indoor installation, and the optimum climate for the artwork is in a low-humidity environment. 

The parameters for safe installation of the artwork are at an Ambient temperature: +10°C and +35°C (50°F to 95°F) with a Maximum Relative humidity: 80%

We recommend the artwork is installed out of direct sunlight.

Shipping and Delivery

Yes, worldwide shipping and delivery is included in the price. For delivery outside the EU, please note the price excludes any import taxes or duties that might be applied on delivery.

We have well-refined and tested shipping methodology for safely delivering our ClockClock 24 pieces internationally. 

We will arrange for delivery of the artwork directly to you, requiring a signature upon receipt to ensure absolute security.We will confirm when your artwork leaves the studio and provide tracking details.

If the delivery address for the artwork is outside of the EU then the delivery will be subject to any applicable taxes and/or duties on arrival. This amount varies from country to country.

The shippers will contact you directly regarding customs and duties to process this payment. 

Warranty and Repairs

ClockClock 24 artworks are provided with a 2 year warranty that starts on the date of shipment to the client. Please see the Warranty Terms for full details.

As kinetic, technology-based artworks, ClockClock 24 will from time-to-time require support, similar to luxury cars or watches which comparably have many moving parts.

We have meticulously designed ClockClock 24 with longevity and ease of maintenance at the forefront of our priorities. We offer remote support from our studio and the piece is designed to be modular so any components can easily be individually exchanged. 

We have a growing international network of specialist support partners with whom we will act as intermediaries and who we have collaborated with to deliver on-site support when needed.

If you require any assistance with your artwork you will be able to contact our dedicated support team at

Yes. The artwork's hardware is engineered in a modular way so any components that require replacement or repair can be individually exchanged. In most cases the studio will resolve support cases on-site, this may be through a Support Partner working on the instruction of the studio. In some more complicated (but rare) cases, the Artwork may be required to be temporarily returned to the Artists studio in Sweden to be worked on by our Support Manager directly.

After the Warranty Period is over, Humans since 1982 will continue to provide support and spare parts for the Artwork as a service that is chargeable to the Buyer. It is of the utmost importance for us that our clients continue to be delighted by their artwork, and that our artworks continue to be both reliable and mesmerising, so we will endeavour to support clients to find a solution to any issues that might arise. You find further information in our Client Care area.

Packed carefully and securely

Includes a signed Certificate

ClockClock 24 – Black Sterling



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