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Steps of Service

We are committed to meeting your expectations and strive to respond within two working days. Please find below our 'Steps of Service' for more information.
+46 73 920 05 52

After you have contacted our service team, we will check our database to verify your warranty and review your service history. Depending on the warranty status and the cause of the issue, the following steps are either free of charge or subject to service fees. In case your artwork is no longer under warranty we will always provide a quote that can be accepted or declined.

Based on your description of the problem–verified by our remote diagnostic process and, when needed, video/photo material–our service team will categorise the case as either “Support Essential”, “Support Plus” or “Refit”.

“Support Essential” : These cases typically involve routine queries and common issues that our service team can quickly address.

“Support Plus” : These cases typically require an in-depth analysis and more time and care from our service team. We will schedule a video call or visit from a local authorised service partner in order to get a complete picture of the issue at hand.
This comprehensive service-package includes:

• In-depth diagnostics
• Service plan
• Booking local service partner
• Logistics handling
• Spare parts
• Repair on site
• Re-installation
• Final Inspection
• A one-year warranty on the serviced components

“Refit” : These cases involve early artworks with technology and components that would not benefit from individual service solutions. In these cases we recommend fully refitting your artwork. The current version of our technology has created a path forward for us to offer long term support at lower costs to our collectors. Overall, employing our latest technology drastically improves the longevity of the artworks.

Our service expert will provide you with an estimated time plan. If needed we will arrange for the shipments of spare parts, and/or book a local authorised service partner in accordance with your schedule. On occasion, repairs in our Stockholm workshop are deemed necessary, in which case we will arrange for the proper shipping and logistics.

When possible, our technicians or an authorised service partner will conduct the repair remotely via internet connection or on-site where the artwork is installed. When needed artworks are scheduled for service, shipped to our Stockholm studio, and returned to our clients.

Our technicians or an authorised service partner will carefully re-install the artwork and do a final inspection.

Our service expert will follow up via email or phone to make sure the intervention has solved the issue and that the artwork can be fully enjoyed again.

Embracing Responsibility

We offer the assurance that beyond warranty we will continue to service, upgrade or restore every piece that has left our studio. We embrace this responsibility out of respect for our esteemed clients, our environment and our expert team that passionately created every piece in our Stockholm workshop.