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ClockClock 24 is the signature collectible object from Humans since 1982. This unique work provokes thoughts of what it means to be in the moment, the passage of time, and the interdependency between order and chaos. It represents the studio founders’ fascination with the idea of “designing time” and using time as a factor when creating objects. 

The work comprises 24 clock faces that move in carefully designed choreographies – from unpredictable, mechanical spinning to perfect synchronisation. Once each minute, the clock hands align to tell the time as a digital clock.

Saatchi Gallery London, where it all started.

The work was first launched in 2008 as The Clock Clock and later exhibited at Saatchi Gallery London in 2010. It is represented in the permanent collections of the Vitra Design Museum in Germany, Musée international d'horlogerie in Switzerland, and the Nationalmuseum in Sweden, among others. 

Inside a ClockClock 24

ClockClock24 comes in six limited editions of 250 or 950 pieces. It is built on proprietary technology—in both software and hardware—which a team of in-house designers, engineers, and programmers has continuously developed since its inception. The objects are meticulously manufactured at the headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, and shipped to collectors worldwide.  

More on the story behind the work here.

Each ClockClock 24 is numbered and comes with a studio
signed certificate of authenticity, an operator’s manual,
hanging bracket, and art handling gloves.



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